Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Favre Retires

Brett Favre is finally hanging up the cleats. (Espn.com)

We know he's a professional but he was a stud under Jeff Bower at Southern Miss before that and upset some good teams while playing in Hattiesburg.

Some of his great accolades include (from Wikipedia):

- most career NFL touchdown passes (442)
- most career NFL passing yards (61,655)
- most career pass completions (5,377)
- most career pass attempts (8,758)
- most career NFL interceptions thrown (288)
- most consecutive starts (253,),
- most career wins @ starting QB (160)
- 2 Superbowl appearances
- 1 Superbowl win
- 3 time NFL MVP
- 2007 Sportsman of the year
- caught his own first pass in the NFL
- and the most important stat I've ever seen..... has played 17 seasons in the NFL and has started every game since his first start for the Packers in 1992.

Nobody. I repeat NOBODY will touch something like that ever again.

Rest easy, buddy.

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