Friday, March 28, 2008

ACC Schedule Sexiness

CFN has started doing Conference composite schedules.

The ACC one can be found here.

Three-N-Out's picks for best games each week however, are below:

Week 1
NC State at South Carolina: Time to see if Tom O'Brien's move was lateral
Wake Forest at Baylor: Battle of the Baptists. Except one of them is actually good for a change. Briles could rock this though to make the most awesome headline this year "Briles, Baylor beat WF in Battle of the Baptists" Good Alliteration is hard to find.
USC at Virginia: It was good to see Al Groh have a decent season last year. Keep it close here and you can at least see if it might not have been a fluke
Alabama vs. Clemson (Atlanta): Should be a very telling game for each team

Week 2
Georgia Tech at Boston College: Starting conference early is your BoCo Eagles and GaTech Jackets. Triple option in your face!!!

That's sadly it. Week two in the ACC is a sad sad thing.

Week 3
North Carolina at Rutgers: Rutgers should still be a decent team this year. We can see here if the Butch Davis rebuilding project is working. Or if that contract extension after a losing season was worth it.
Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech: This will be our chance against real competition to see Virginia Tech against some real competition (if you don't count East Carolina)
Cal at Maryland: Nothing to exciting here. Maryland shouldn't be all that bad and Cal probably won't be all that great this year. Maryland has flirted with being above average recently and I'd like them to have a good season this year. Beating a visiting Cal team wouldn't be a bad start.

Week 4
Miami at Texas A&M: This game last year was supposed to be A&M's coming out party and announcing they were for real. Instead they got drummed like a.... I dunno. They just got their butts handed to them. HaHa speed option right! 3x in a row! They'll never see this one coming! Thank God for the Aggies that crap is over. Anyways. Expect a lot of improvement in Shannon's second year. This will be Sherman's first in Aggieland so I think both teams will learn a lot before conference play gets hot and heavy
Miss State at GaTech: An good OOC game for the Jackets.
UCF at BoCo: UCF is one of those teams you really don't want to play these days. They're well coached and seem to have talent year in and year out..

Week 5
Virginia Tech at Nebraska: With Pelini at the helm, this should be a heck of a defensive game as neither offenses have a lot of star power right now. I expect a 0-0 tie going into the 10th overtime. The ref walks out and says OK the offense with the most positive yardage after 4 plays wins.
Colorado vs. Florida State: This game has been fairly competitive the last few years. Colorado had an improved season last year while the Seminoles just didn't ever seem to get over the hump (other than beating Boston College last year)

Week 6
FSU at Miami: Should be telling for both teams. Miami will know if they're back... and FSU can find out if they're still relevant.

Week 7

Clemson at Wake Forrest: Just because I have to put something for this week. Clemson needs to start making some noise here if they want to be serious contenders this year.

Week 8

VaTech at BoCo: Could be for the championship #1

Week 9

Duke at Vanderbuilt: Bayfordukeandywestern strikes again. But it plays itself this time.
Virginia Tech at FSU: Usually a good game

Week 10
Clemson at Boston College: Could be for the championship #2

Week 11
Clemson at Florida State: Gotta love the Bowden Bowl.
Notre Dame at BoCo: Catholics Clash!!! Not as cool as Battle of the Baptist though. I don't think the Irish are back in fighting form yet, but should be a good game.

Week 12
Virginia Tech at Miami: Again should be a game of defense. These slugfests are usually not fun if you like exciting football, but if you like defensive games... here you go.

Week 13
BoCo at Wake Forrest: If Wake stays as competitive as they have in recent years this could be a good match up.

Week 14
South Carolina at Clemson: Good in-state rivalry game in which Clemson has dominated lately.
Florida at Florida State: No matter how good the better team is in this game, it's been a close and and enjoyable game.
Virginia at Virginia Tech:
Should be a good game if Groh keeps the Wahoos rolling

Week 15 - Championship

My gut prediction here: Clemson vs. Va Tech

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