Monday, March 31, 2008

Texas Might Could Possibly be in Trouble

The Longhorns are looking at a problem they haven't faced in a long while. Finding a decent running back.

Tailback play has been a position that the Horns have had a stranglehold on since the 90's. From a school that's produced Ricky Williams, Cedric Benson, and Preist Holmes... you gotta be curious.

Even in a year where there were no dominant RB's(2005,) the Horns established enough of a run game through Young, Charles, Taylor, and Melton to take pressure off of Vince Young.

Charles has shouldered the load the last two years, making a name for himself in comeback situations, racking up the yards late in the game.

His jump to the NFL leaves Texas without much experience or depth at the position. Ogbonnaya and McGee both had some good moments last year, but neither has separated themselves as the leader from the pair or RS Freshman Foswhitt Whittaker. In unrelated news drug traffic has gone down in Austin by 50%.

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