Thursday, March 27, 2008

Predicting the BCS Bowls.... in March.

CFN isn't my favorite site in the world but the keep us up to date on CFB year round and churn out something to whet our appetite during the harsh months of May, June, and July where there is nothing to be hopeful for.

They've been running a fairly decent preview here.

On the same page is their early picks for the BCS Bowls.

I don't agree w/ all of them but it's worth a look:

Rose Bowl

Them: Wisconsin vs. USC

vs. USC

I really think that voters will actively choose not to have somebody in a MNC game again this year, like with Michigan (or even where they willed LSU into the championship.) I really think the media will shoot down OSU at every
chance they get this year.

Even though these teams will be playing each other early in the season, I don't think either team will reach the MNC this year. I think OSU is going to drop one or two to USC, Wisconsin, Michigan, MSU, PSU, or Illinois (likelihood in appropriate order.) Whereas I only think USC will drop maybe one game out of OSU, Oregon, Cal, Virginia, Oregon State, Washington, or UCLA. I think both teams won't end up in MNC game this year. But if I had to have a backup plan to who I think it'll be in that game... You're looking at it here.

Second Guess: Wisconsin vs. Oregon

Orange Bowl

Them: Boston College vs. Pitt

Me: Clemson vs. WVU/USF

Fiu gives this pick the benefit of the doubt of WVU and USF being interchangeable here for Pitt. I'm not sold on Pitt being as good as the nation is gearing up for them to be, but I could be wrong. It's happened once. I'm not really sold on anybody in the Big East as the dominant team. I could see it going the way of a three-way tie with two losses each.

While I think BC will continue to rise to be a stronger power in the ACC, I think this has to be Clemson's year. Virginia Tech could contend here as well, but it just seems like Clemson has so much going for it right now in some strong recruiting classes as well as having some talent this year. The ACC needs somebody to step up have a dominant season. Now

Second Guess: Va Tech vs. Louisville/UConn

Fiesta Bowl

Them: Mizzou vs. BYU
Me: Texas Tech vs. Mid-major

Pick your flavor of the week for the mid-major. Some say BYU, some Fresno State, and some that Boise will be right back. The mid-majors are becoming a mainstay in the BCS picture and rightfully so (we've wiped out last years Sugar Bowl debacle from our minds entirely) TCU is always an early favorite to show up in this group as well.

Tech is returning everybody but one receiver. And because it's Tech... that doesn't matter much. The defense has improved slowly throughout the years and if Leach is going to have a year to show up this is it. By the way Crabtree is going to rock it regardless of BCS bowl or not. The rumors swirling are that he would have been a top 10 pick this year if he were elligible or not.

Second Guess: Mizzou/Oklahoma vs. Mid Major

Sugar Bowl

Them: Georgia vs. Oklahoma
Me: Florida vs. Wisconsin
Fiu had a good call pitting these teams against each other here... it's just the wrong game for them.
I think Oklahoma will be good enough to get here, but they can do more.

I think a strong Wisky doesn't drop more than 2 games this year and earns one of the at-large bids to pull this out.

If bowls are able, they try to stick to their appropriate teams, and baring total disaster, two SEC teams will be eligible for this one. It's just that the other one I have picked will be in the MNC as well. Florida should bring a very balanced offense with Tebow, Harvin, and (finally) a group of capable RBs. The secondary has cost them in the past

Second Guess: Georgia vs Mizzou

Them: Florida vs. Ohio State
Me: Georgia vs. Oklahoma

I think both of these teams arrive with one loss. No idea who. But 2 losses between them. Oklahoma has one loss that they shouldn't in October or November and Georgia just has to go down to somebody... anybody really. The teams have never met so this would make for an interesting one.

Second guess: OSU vs. USC

Legit Teams that have a shot at BCS Bids:

Pac 10

Va Tech
Boston College

Big Ten



Texas Tech

Big East
West Virginia


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