Friday, March 14, 2008

The Beast Has Risen!!!!! OH NOES!!!!


Yesterday I posted on the boringness of CFB's offseason...

only to have the beast resurrected last night as I watched way too much Conference tournament hoops.

My hope in mankind and all things good and sacred have been restored, my friends. The excitement of actual competition and teams getting knocked out of the tournament by a loss instead of the boring conference schedule where it ends in "Oh my, Duke and UNC are top of the ACC?? Whoah!!!" Or Memphis won the CUSA? Holy Crap!!" "UCLA is at the top of the Pac-10? Never!"

It's the part of the season where you just need "one more win" to have a shot.

It's where the team that won the NC the year before can somehow miss out on even making the Tournament... sorry Orson.

It's when your team can finally get it together for a few days and show the critics one last time you deserve the shot at the big time.

Some interesting points thus far:

-Florida probably ain't in.
-The Big East has turned up pretty interesting
-Pitt & WVU have come on strong late and a rematch of the Backyard Brawl is looking possible
-The Big XII was looking to send 6 teams dancing. Kansas, KSU, and Texas are locks at this point, the question lies in Baylor, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M. Baylor lost in double overtime against a bad Colorado team and A&M distanced themselves by solidly beating a bad ISU team. Oklahoma has a good chance to take out Colorado and solidify their lock. If A&M beats KSU, they're in. Baylor may be on the outside looking in now.
- A big win by OSU today against MSU will lock OSU for the tournament.
- Sexy cinderlla stories are Drake, Butler, and Winthrop.

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