Thursday, March 13, 2008

Players We're Friggin' Excited About

Javon Ringer

Ringer made up the lightning of MSU's Thunder and Lightning (we're got to come up with another name for guys like this, White & Bush @ USC, Goodson & Lane @ A&M, Davis & Spiller @ Clemson) Like Biggie and the Quicky.... or lard bucket and greased lightning... Gosh... just something less cliche!!! I think I've used that word three times today regarding college football season... (cuddles in the corner repeating.. "150ish days... only 150ish days left") i digress. greatly.

Ringer had 1400+ yards but his TD stats fell victim to TD vulture Mike Als...
err... Jehuu Caulcrick. Hopefully he'll get the glory this year as he'll be the star back.

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