Thursday, March 13, 2008

Preseason Sexiness.

Nostradamus does not look kindly on failures

Despite the fact that spring practices are underway ... it's an incredibly slow month for college football.

Outside of FulmerCup activities all we really have going on is scheduling comments and random weird activities by coaches. Like this. Or Stadium changes.

Real news makers there.

We're offering our first sexy picks of the year instead of random driveby fill-in-the-blank news. This isn't just our picks for rankings but just picks on things that will happen this year.

1. Nobody in the SEC will go undefeated.

- I took the easy one first. It just ain't happening. In a league where you honest to God have to worry about Vanderbilt as much as you do about LSU or Florida it just can't happen. I'm not trying to jump on the "SEC is greatest single combination of teams ever and all deserve top 10 rankings" bandwagon. Over the last three years the SEC has won me over by a solid out-of-conference win/loss record as well as their presence in Bowl games. Their perennial bottom-dwellers could probably beat most other bottom-dwelling teams as well.


2. Ohio State will probably end up towards the top of the pack again.

- Even after laying eggs on a national stage two years in a row, you can't keep OSU off your charts. They're just too good, too consistently to do it. Sweater-vest keeps good teams year in and year out and this year will be no different. Expect the Buckeyes to continue to struggle with the spread offense unless something changes dramatically. OSU has sent it's secondary coach to talk to USF defensive coordinator Wally Burnham about containing Rich Rodriguez's spread offense. The Big 10 isn't as bad as people want you to think and OSU is better than the last two MNCs imply.

3. Mike Leach's make or break year is here

- This will finally be the year that we find out if Mike Leach can be more than a coach that just passes a lot and knocks off the occasional conference rival or if they are a real title contender. The Pirates of the Plains have showed they can light up even the best defenses scoreboard when they have to, but Ruffin McNeil has to stop other teams from doing it to Tech. Texas Tech returns virtually every starter from last year. Notably, Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree will return to pick up right where they left off. If there was ever a year where Tech can rise out of the middle of the pack and grab the Big XII South title, this is the year.

4. One of these guys won't be here at years end

Kirk Ferentz
Tyrone Willingham
Greg Robinson
Mike Stoops
Ralph Friedgren

Sexier bolder Prediction: One of these two ain't back in '09.

Big Daddy Bowden

Personally I pray to the football gods that the following scenario works out. I would forfeit all football watching for the next year if somehow it happened. OK, not really. But it would rule all things sacred to football.

Please God, let Bobby Bowden and JoePa pull into a tie for most wins at the end of the season and somehow have them play in a bowl game again. If you are truly gracious and merciful... let it be for the MNC.

4. Instant replay will epically screw somebody down the road. Again.

- Just consider it a promise. I give it 5 games maximum before we have some coach tearing the officiating crew a new one over a huge miss. No matter how much more sophisticated the technology gets... it's still a judgment call half the time and your opinion of that judgment is strongly based upon the color of your shirt that day.

5. Tebow won't repeat for the Heisman this year

- Florida's addition of RB Emanuel Moody (transfer from USC) will take away the need for Tebow to take a a beating in the running game this year. Tebow's a solid passer, but the reason why we loved him last year was his headfirst runs into linebackers and secondaries last year. Moody will take away the need for him to put his body on the line, thus taking away his gaudy statistics. He'll still be a force in the SEC (first team All-SEC surely), but take away his running last year and he's probably looking at D-Mac on stage from a chair last year. Don't worry, he's still a stud with whom we have a man crush on.

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