Monday, March 3, 2008

Georgia is Pumped, Prime, and Prematurely-ranked

Georgia starts practices today and they are ready to go (thanks

Most polls have the Bulldogs ranked #1 and ready to roll.

Almost the entire article above discusses the preseason rankings, starting off ranked high, last years ranking, Mark Richt lobbying for a higher ranking last year, and something about rankings.

This brought up an interesting question as it made me curious as to how the #1 preseason-ranked team has done each year.

Here it goes:

2002: Miami lost the MNC
2003: Oklahoma lost the MNC
2004: USC won the MNC
2005: USC lost the MNC
2006: Ohio State lost the MNC
2007: USC won the Rose Bowl (LSU was #1 by some sources and won the MNC)

In five of the last six years we've had the preseason #1 team play in the MNC game. Not bad professionals... not bad at all.

So the preseason ranking doesn't mean you'll win it all... but you definitely won't suck that badly. Georgia can at least expect a decent season. And by that I mean beating Georgia Tech. Some things you can always count on.

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