Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Practice. Serious Business. Part I

Spring Questions?

1. Who's the new supermodel? And by that I mean who's the starting QB at USC going to be? Mitch Mustain or Mark Sanchez. Please God, let it be Sanchez. I will only refer to him as the "Dirty Sanchez" the entire football season even if he never gets slightly, moderately soiled.

2. What the heck is Paul Johnson going to do at Georgia Tech? We pray for the triple option.

3. Will Stephen McGee be able to win back his starting job at QB at A&M? Playmaker Jerrod Johnson will get a chance to shine in spring practice while McGee recovers from shoulder surgery. The surgery has nothing to do with Fran running the option numerous times.

4. Was 2007 just a fluke for ND or were 2005-2006 the flukes for Charlie Weis? Rebuilding an offensive line is a must

5. Can somebody in the Big XII and Pac 10 step it up this spring? Just a little bit? USC, Oklahoma, and Texas have had a deathgrip on the top of these conferences for 5+ years and it's getting really old.

6. What is Bama going to do with all those recruits?

7. Can somebody sack up and dominate the ACC? Spring ball doesn't tell you every thing... but somebody somewhere needs to start putting it together now. There hasn't been a dominant team since .... well.... Miami and Va. Tech were in the Big East and I can't even count that.


8. How will the spread fare in Ann Arbor? Does RichRod have a QB?

9. Is Pitt really ranked??? Who votes in this stuff???

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