Wednesday, March 26, 2008

PSU continues to have its head up its...

Assumption that they can actually force JoePa to do anything. (See what I did there?)

Here's another article talking about why and when PSU wants Joe to put up the clip board.

I still find it humorous that a team with 29 wins in 3 seasons is looking to out their coach.

If my coach literally dead and still giving me 9 wins a season, Give the SOB a raise. He's doing as good as or better than 80%* of coaches in the country.

Seriously ask people @ A&M, Arkansas, Washington, and the like. They would hire Osama if he put up 9 wins a season for three years w/ a conference title thrown in there.**

*That statistic is totally made up. But it sounded really good.
** That's probably not true either, but go with it

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