Monday, October 13, 2008


You heard it here first

Boom. Headshot from Rivals

Tommy Bowden has been relieved of his duties as Clemson's head football coach, effective immediately. Bowden told assistant coaches this morning in a staff meeting. Get the full story inside, including which assistant has been promoted to interim head coach.

Monday, September 29, 2008

LSU freek is on fire today like none other.

over on Orson's site.

Somebody get that man on payroll stat.

Tebow Apologizes.

Giggity, you sideburned punk.

Tim Tebow's news conference ended, but he wasn't ready to stop talking. Dejection shone through his bloodshot eyes and weak voice, but he replied to each and every question after Saturday's 31-30 loss to Mississippi. He answered the last one. But he didn't leave the podium. "I just want to say one thing," he began. "To the fans and everyone in Gator Nation," he trailed off. He paused. Then he launched into a passionate promise. "I'm sorry, extremely sorry," he said. "We were hoping for an undefeated season. That was my goal. It's something that's never been done here. But I will promise you one thing. A lot of good will come out of this. "You will never see any player in the country play as hard as I will play the rest of the season. You will never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push the rest of the season. You will never see a team play harder than we will the rest of the season. God bless."

St. Petersburg Times

How mad are you going to be....

When OSU runs the table goes, undefeated again, getting over all the SEC, Big XII, and USC teams and ends up in the BCS Title game again?

I'll be slightly moderately perturbed. But I'll just go ahead and say it happens.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This week in pictures

Stolen from Verbatim. Really.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pretty salty weekend

As some more conference play got underway (BANG I should get paid for this stuff), we got a picture of what should shape up to be pretty a pretty interesting season in a few conferences.

First and foremost, the BigXII and SEC are in a complete and utterly different class than the rest of the league right now. Seriously.

SEC/Big XII top 25

2. Oklahoma 3-0 1,484
3. Georgia (2) 4-0 1,475
4. Florida (1) 3-0 1,442
5. LSU 3-0 1,363
6. Missouri 4-0 1,360
7. Texas 3-0 1,174
8. Alabama 4-0 1,132
10. Texas Tech 4-0 962
15. Auburn 3-1 785
18. Kansas 3-1 555
21. Vanderbilt 4-0 242

What's more, I submit that the MWC or WAC may be the third or fourth best conference in the land

11. Brigham Young 4-0 919
17. Utah 4-0 574
19. Boise State 3-0 363
24. TCU 4-0 117
25. Fresno State 2-1 105

At this point, the Big Ten has a boost (with PSU and Wisky playing good ball right now) over both conferences, but it's not by much.

And now for some nice smackalacks courtesy of Miami:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Excuses

We're back. Traveling, family, work, and every other thing be danged to heck!!!!

We're just jumping right into it. This weekend's picks:

Sept 19:

Baylor at Connecticut, 8:00 PM, ESPN2 - Baylor. Griffin may finally make the Bears a legit team. But then again.... it is Baylor. Dang it... I dunno. UCONN. No wait.... Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sept 20:

Florida Atlantic at Minnesota, 12:00 PM, Big Ten Network - MINN Brewster has the Gophers back around the bottom-middle of the Big Televen. That should be good enough to nudge a decent FAU team.

Ohio at Northwestern, 12:00 PM, Big Ten Network - NW Ohio ain't bad, but NW has been pretty salty thusfar this season.

Troy at Ohio State, 12:00 PM, Big Ten Network - OSU The Buckeyes bounce back and tries to make a statement. Troy has a good offense and won't be easy, but the talent here is too disparaging.

Temple at Penn State, 12:00 PM, Big Ten Network - PSU JoePa roles the instate rivals.

Central Michigan at Purdue, 12:00 PM, Big Ten Network - PUR Purdue had a bit of an implosion last week letting Oregon come back 17 points. If they don't come out firing, a good MAC team will make things worse

Arizona at UCLA, 3:00 PM, FSN - Tossup. UCLA got absolutely smoked by BYU last weekend and Arizona lost to New Mexico.

Wyoming at BYU, 3:00 PM, The mtn. - BYU Wyoming just can't play on caliber with what BYU is doing right now.

Florida at Tennessee, 3:30 CBS - FL The Gators took a week off after a less than spectacular depantsing of Miami. Tennessee is less than expected. Methinks the Gators right the ship and things get worse for Fulmer

Notre Dame at Michigan State, 3:30 PM, ABC - ND I absolutely HATE picking the Irish here, but it wouldn't be college football w/out ND pulling out a weird win and MSU losing a game it shouldn't.

Rutgers at Navy, 3:30 PM, CBS CSTV - NAV Just to shut up the Rutgers fans that were being classless last year.

Utah at Air Force, 4:00 PM, Vs.- UT The Utes continue rolling. The MWC has a three headed beast right now w/ TCU, BYU and Utah. Not to be outdone, Air Force is 3-0

Ball State at Indiana, 7:00 PM, Big Ten Network - BAL While Indian has become competitive again, Ball State seems ready to run this year.

TCU at SMU, 8:00 PM, CBS CSTV - TCU June Jones has shown that the Ponies aren't ready to be big time quite yet. Being humiliated by Tech and Rice are never good indicators.

Georgia at Arizona State, 8:13 PM, ABC - GA Despite the Bulldogs lackluster beginning to the season, The Offense and Defensive skill is still there to be in the title hunt. ASU just got beat by UNLV. Yes. That UNLV.

Iowa State at UNLV, 9:00 PM, The mtn.- ISU. I'm tepid here with UNLV's win last weekend, and ISU's non-performance vs. the Hawkeyes. I still think Chizick has the Cyclones better than they were.

Mississippi State at Georgia Tech, 12:00 PM, Gameplan -GT Johnson lost a tough one last week to VaTech, but nothing near the heartbreak Croom went through losing 3-2. MSU just doesn't have an offense to hang with anybody.

East Carolina at NC State, 12:00 PM, ESPN - EC NC State's only win this year was an unimpressive 10 pt. win over W&M. EC was predicted to struggle last week and did, but still pulled out a W

Rice at Texas, 7:00 PM, FSN Atlantic - TX Rice has come a long way in the last few years, but just doesn't have the guns to go punch for punch with the Longhorns

Iowa at Pittsburgh, 12:00 PM, ESPN2 - PITT Iowa's only thing to hang it's hat on is beating Iowa State, Pitt hasn't impressed much either.

Alabama at Arkansas, 12:30 PM, Gameplan - AL The Tide is rolling and Petrino still doesn't have an offense.

South Carolina State at Clemson, 1:00 PM, ESPN360 - CL Clemson is still bouncing from the Bama loss but still on track to have a good showing in ACC.

UCF at Boston College, 1:00PM, ESPNU - BC The Eagle haven't been up to par this year but should still win this one going away. Kevin Smith's early departure hurt, but the Knights are still hecka competitive.

Eastern Michigan at Maryland, 1:00 PM, ESPN360 - MARY Maryland came off the loss to the Blue Raiders w/ a good win against a ranked Cal team

Akron at Army, 1:00 PM, ESPN Classic

Indiana State at Northern Illinois, 3:00 PM, Gameplan - NIU For shear FBS/FCS foreknowledge

Virginia Tech at North Carolina, 3:30 PM, ABC - VT UNC came out and played some solid ball versus Rutgers two weeks ago and VaTech has come back from the embarrassing East Carolina loss. I think Beamer ball will be back in action.

Northeastern at Syracuse, 3:30 PM, Gameplan - NE Because Syracuse sucks that badly. Sorry Greg.

U Miami at Texas A&M, 3:30 PM, ABC - TAMU It goes against all logic and reasoning as the Aggies have been everything short of atrocious this year. Coming off a bye week after playing poorly to two vastly inferior opponents, I think the offense gets rid of the hiccups and Lane starts getting the ball more.

Idaho at Utah State, 4:00 PM, Gameplan - Tossup They're both not that great sadly.

South Florida at Florida International, 5:00 PM, ESPNU - USF South Florida pulled off a good little win vs. the Jayhawks

Wake Forest at Florida State, 7:00PM, ESPN2 - WAKE The Seminoles haven't looked bad.... you know... AGAINST TWO 1-AAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Southeastern Louisiana at Louisiana Tech, 7:00 PM, Gameplan - LT La. Tech has a not that bad loss to a good Kansas squad and a win against a not that great Miss. State.

Wofford at South Carolina, 7:00 PM, Gameplan - USCe Despite the complete and utter lack of anything exciting in the Georgia game, Spurrier should still be able to win this

Portland State at Washington State, 7:00 PM, Fox Sports Northwest - WSU Wazzu has been pitiful this year under first-year head coach Wulff. Beating up on a patsy can make a season look a little better. Losing to one makes it that much worse.

Miami U at Cincinnati, 7:30 PM, ESPN360 - CIN Miami ain't that bad, but Cinci is still a decent team.

LSU at Auburn, 7:45 PM, ESPN - LSU Unless Tubbs finds an offense in a week.

Fresno State at Toledo, 8:15 PM, ESPNU - FRE Fresno lost a close one last week and there was no shame in it. Wisconsin isn't the best out there, but they're no chumps either. Fresno gets back on the wagon this week.

Monday, August 4, 2008

We're still here

and we still love college football.

Life is changing for us right now and it's just not allowing the blogging we desire or that you deserve.

Life is a strange and funny mistress, friends. One day you can be content and fine in all that you do and think that everything is hunky-dory.



One conversation or event happens and you suddenly begin to question things that have led you to this point and makes you wonder where your future is headed.

It turns your world upside down and makes you realize how much you could miss by just going w/ the flow of life and not questioning it.

I leave you with this, pray pray pray about the things you do in this life before you do them. Think, meditate, consider and then do it all over again before you make hasty and foolish decisions.

Hopefully life will slow down come the beginning of the season and the things necessary to change happen.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


After sweltering the heat of Central Florida and South Texas. We are back.

We're not excited or anything... but there's less than two months till the season.

That's a bald-faced lie. We're wicked stoked.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

UCF... here we come

We're off to Orlando the next week.

Nothing to exciting other than a work convention. Except that it's Orlando. With three pretty good friends. With good food. Away from Texas heat. On the company dime.

Who am I kidding?

This thing will rock my face off.

Have a great week.

10 Weeks and counting down.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why College Football is the Greatest thing on God's Green Earth

Because it makes each of us partisan in a completely unfair, and unjust manner.

Somehow when it's against a rival it becomes completely OK and justifiable, as evidenced by Judge Nowlin here.

CFN is like Christmas in the Summer

Keeping the previews coming out like they're supposed to.

Cal Bears

Oregon Ducks

UCLA Bruins

ASU Sun Devils

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Week 1 Day 1

I won't be naked. Promise.

Wake Forest at Baylor

Battle of the Baptist

The matchup is intriguing to me for more than just the political affiliation. Wake Forrest overcame the small private school curse and became more than decent. Good almost, capped by Grobe winning the ACC two years ago and putting together a good year involving a bowl win over a surging UConn.

Baylor, on the other hand, hasn't had a decent win since they went for two against A&M in overtime back in 2004. Art Briles plans to change things in Waco. A lot of people think that this job is career suicide more than a jumping board. The sentiment is that Baylor just can't win consistently enough to become better. There's a reason that Duke, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, and Wake don't have a great history of football.

(Interesting note is that my in-laws lived in a town just down the road from Briles in his high school days. Small world.)

Coming Soon

We're going to start highlighting some of the games we're pretty excited about starting with Week 1

It'll be as awesome as this:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fulmer Cupdate

Mizzou has quieted down a bit lately but don't count the Tigers out just yet. West Virginia is making a mid-season push for excellence. HA! You think RichRod leaving would change the excellence in Morgantown? You Fool!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008


I do my best to stay fairly unbiased in anything I write or do. I'm an equal opportunity offender I guess you could say. I'll make fun of my team for being a bunch of retards just as quickly as I will another team. Lord knows my team offers enough things to the world to make fun of.

If you can read well enough you can see my title bar contains a great pic taken a few years back of a Texas A&M and Iowa State Game. I tried not to use an Aggie image as this blog will encompass all of the sport, but I thought that was a pretty good one, capturing the whole field.

I say this because SMQ, whom I respect immensely for his writing and analysis has a post up of the anomaly that is Texas A&M football.
The reason I call it an anomaly is represented by two quotes he uses

You look at A&M and you wonder why they haven't gotten to the top 5. Texas has since won a national championship. LSU, USC, and Florida. There's no reason A&M is not at that level

- An opposing Big XII Ass. Coach"You're not as good as they are and you're probably never going to be."


You're not as good as they are and you're probably never going to be."

- A Nike rep when A&M asked for the same deal

A&M is a school that has the budget, the campus, the facilites, and the talent pool to be a great team year in and year out.

There problem lies with real estate.

Location. Location. Location.

A&M gets some top talent year in and year out. Reggie McNeal had the talent to be a top level QB, but was forced to run the option (not his skill set) his last year. Martellus Bennett was one of the top talents in the country these past three years and you've probably barely heard of him outside of the Big XII. Michael Goodson had less yardage carrying than his QB. So it's not that they can't get the talent. It's that it's shared with Texas, OU, and LSU.

A&M can pull in a couple of 5-star recruits a year, but by the time the recruiting season rolls around Stoops and Brown have already got 4 5-star recruits ready for next year and A&M is just getting around to talking to their first set it seems.

A problem has lied w/ the fact that A&M has fallen on their hard times the same time that OU, LSU, and Texas have come across some of the best coaches in the country. To start beating these guys in the trail they have to start doing it on the field.

The Aggies beat the Longhorns the last two years in two very different fashions. In 2006 they took on Texas' #1 running defense and shoved the ball down the face of the Longhorns one run at a time. Last year it looked like Franchione let somebody else do the play calling as innovative runs, screens and passes fell like rain in College Station. It's a start. If the aggies can start pulling some more upsets over OU and Tech I think things will even out.

McGee should still start and Aggies want to see if the record breaking 3A arm can do any damage his last year. The defense can only get better under Kines. Who rules all, if you weren't aware.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boone Pickens to be inducted into Football Hall of Fame. Wait... What?

Mr. Pickens has been tabbed to be honored at the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame's induction ceremony.

At first I was confused until I saw John Glenn honored as well.

I see. We're honoring people who just WENT to college. Sense made.

Seriously, I think the problem I have with this is that Pickens is pretty upfront about what he wants with his money. Sports. And good sports. He did play hoops , but wasn't anything spectacular in his time. And it's not like he has a career in academics or sports... just giving money to it.

He's probably doing more for the world than I am so I should just shut up and get back to important things.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Because Listening to the Big Ten is a Good Idea

Come on guys... having your own network is kewl!!!!one!!!!111

Please don't do this.

First off because it peeved off the entire world when the Big 10 did it. And because you're better than that.

And I don't want to have to change my blankety blank cable just to watch more football.

Think of the children.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Injury report.

$&^#&(^# the &^(&%(&*% sorry *&)*&^ toe!!!

Out for the season w/ that son of a gun.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hecka Busy

We've been hecka busy lately.

Some involves memorial day.

Some involves some changes at work.

The rest involves a flat tire followed by a four hour trip in a rental car with nothing on the radio but tejano and Jim Rome. Both of which I hate. A staticky Rush Limbaugh came in and that filled the void. Yes... I chose a staticky Rush over sports talk. That's how much I hate Jim Rome.


3 months from today
Matt Stafford will keg lift your team

Friday, May 23, 2008


CFN continues giving in the offseason. Here's some more of their previews

Florida Gators

Mizzou Tigahs

Wisconsin Badgers

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh yeah... by the way....

Less than 100 days until football starts!!!


Ha ha... but your salary, I has it in Seattle

News like this just brings a bit of joy to a guy like me.

Ty Willingham made more money from Notre Dame in direct pay in '05-'06 and '06-'07 than Charlie Weis.

As just a general disliker of Notre Dame, you like to hear things like that. Kinda restores your faith in mankind.

Reminds you that God is smiling down on us. And He's merciful.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Players We're Friggin' Excited About

Jeremy Maclin, Mizzou

The Clip isn't all him(look for #9), but he makes his fair share of highlights. The freshmen lit up defenses and special teams last year with some blazing speed and shifty moves. Expect Daniel and J-Mac to keep the magic going in Columbia.