Monday, August 4, 2008

We're still here

and we still love college football.

Life is changing for us right now and it's just not allowing the blogging we desire or that you deserve.

Life is a strange and funny mistress, friends. One day you can be content and fine in all that you do and think that everything is hunky-dory.



One conversation or event happens and you suddenly begin to question things that have led you to this point and makes you wonder where your future is headed.

It turns your world upside down and makes you realize how much you could miss by just going w/ the flow of life and not questioning it.

I leave you with this, pray pray pray about the things you do in this life before you do them. Think, meditate, consider and then do it all over again before you make hasty and foolish decisions.

Hopefully life will slow down come the beginning of the season and the things necessary to change happen.

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