Friday, June 6, 2008


I do my best to stay fairly unbiased in anything I write or do. I'm an equal opportunity offender I guess you could say. I'll make fun of my team for being a bunch of retards just as quickly as I will another team. Lord knows my team offers enough things to the world to make fun of.

If you can read well enough you can see my title bar contains a great pic taken a few years back of a Texas A&M and Iowa State Game. I tried not to use an Aggie image as this blog will encompass all of the sport, but I thought that was a pretty good one, capturing the whole field.

I say this because SMQ, whom I respect immensely for his writing and analysis has a post up of the anomaly that is Texas A&M football.
The reason I call it an anomaly is represented by two quotes he uses

You look at A&M and you wonder why they haven't gotten to the top 5. Texas has since won a national championship. LSU, USC, and Florida. There's no reason A&M is not at that level

- An opposing Big XII Ass. Coach"You're not as good as they are and you're probably never going to be."


You're not as good as they are and you're probably never going to be."

- A Nike rep when A&M asked for the same deal

A&M is a school that has the budget, the campus, the facilites, and the talent pool to be a great team year in and year out.

There problem lies with real estate.

Location. Location. Location.

A&M gets some top talent year in and year out. Reggie McNeal had the talent to be a top level QB, but was forced to run the option (not his skill set) his last year. Martellus Bennett was one of the top talents in the country these past three years and you've probably barely heard of him outside of the Big XII. Michael Goodson had less yardage carrying than his QB. So it's not that they can't get the talent. It's that it's shared with Texas, OU, and LSU.

A&M can pull in a couple of 5-star recruits a year, but by the time the recruiting season rolls around Stoops and Brown have already got 4 5-star recruits ready for next year and A&M is just getting around to talking to their first set it seems.

A problem has lied w/ the fact that A&M has fallen on their hard times the same time that OU, LSU, and Texas have come across some of the best coaches in the country. To start beating these guys in the trail they have to start doing it on the field.

The Aggies beat the Longhorns the last two years in two very different fashions. In 2006 they took on Texas' #1 running defense and shoved the ball down the face of the Longhorns one run at a time. Last year it looked like Franchione let somebody else do the play calling as innovative runs, screens and passes fell like rain in College Station. It's a start. If the aggies can start pulling some more upsets over OU and Tech I think things will even out.

McGee should still start and Aggies want to see if the record breaking 3A arm can do any damage his last year. The defense can only get better under Kines. Who rules all, if you weren't aware.

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