Thursday, June 12, 2008

Week 1 Day 1

I won't be naked. Promise.

Wake Forest at Baylor

Battle of the Baptist

The matchup is intriguing to me for more than just the political affiliation. Wake Forrest overcame the small private school curse and became more than decent. Good almost, capped by Grobe winning the ACC two years ago and putting together a good year involving a bowl win over a surging UConn.

Baylor, on the other hand, hasn't had a decent win since they went for two against A&M in overtime back in 2004. Art Briles plans to change things in Waco. A lot of people think that this job is career suicide more than a jumping board. The sentiment is that Baylor just can't win consistently enough to become better. There's a reason that Duke, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, and Wake don't have a great history of football.

(Interesting note is that my in-laws lived in a town just down the road from Briles in his high school days. Small world.)

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