Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Excuses

We're back. Traveling, family, work, and every other thing be danged to heck!!!!

We're just jumping right into it. This weekend's picks:

Sept 19:

Baylor at Connecticut, 8:00 PM, ESPN2 - Baylor. Griffin may finally make the Bears a legit team. But then again.... it is Baylor. Dang it... I dunno. UCONN. No wait.... Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sept 20:

Florida Atlantic at Minnesota, 12:00 PM, Big Ten Network - MINN Brewster has the Gophers back around the bottom-middle of the Big Televen. That should be good enough to nudge a decent FAU team.

Ohio at Northwestern, 12:00 PM, Big Ten Network - NW Ohio ain't bad, but NW has been pretty salty thusfar this season.

Troy at Ohio State, 12:00 PM, Big Ten Network - OSU The Buckeyes bounce back and tries to make a statement. Troy has a good offense and won't be easy, but the talent here is too disparaging.

Temple at Penn State, 12:00 PM, Big Ten Network - PSU JoePa roles the instate rivals.

Central Michigan at Purdue, 12:00 PM, Big Ten Network - PUR Purdue had a bit of an implosion last week letting Oregon come back 17 points. If they don't come out firing, a good MAC team will make things worse

Arizona at UCLA, 3:00 PM, FSN - Tossup. UCLA got absolutely smoked by BYU last weekend and Arizona lost to New Mexico.

Wyoming at BYU, 3:00 PM, The mtn. - BYU Wyoming just can't play on caliber with what BYU is doing right now.

Florida at Tennessee, 3:30 CBS - FL The Gators took a week off after a less than spectacular depantsing of Miami. Tennessee is less than expected. Methinks the Gators right the ship and things get worse for Fulmer

Notre Dame at Michigan State, 3:30 PM, ABC - ND I absolutely HATE picking the Irish here, but it wouldn't be college football w/out ND pulling out a weird win and MSU losing a game it shouldn't.

Rutgers at Navy, 3:30 PM, CBS CSTV - NAV Just to shut up the Rutgers fans that were being classless last year.

Utah at Air Force, 4:00 PM, Vs.- UT The Utes continue rolling. The MWC has a three headed beast right now w/ TCU, BYU and Utah. Not to be outdone, Air Force is 3-0

Ball State at Indiana, 7:00 PM, Big Ten Network - BAL While Indian has become competitive again, Ball State seems ready to run this year.

TCU at SMU, 8:00 PM, CBS CSTV - TCU June Jones has shown that the Ponies aren't ready to be big time quite yet. Being humiliated by Tech and Rice are never good indicators.

Georgia at Arizona State, 8:13 PM, ABC - GA Despite the Bulldogs lackluster beginning to the season, The Offense and Defensive skill is still there to be in the title hunt. ASU just got beat by UNLV. Yes. That UNLV.

Iowa State at UNLV, 9:00 PM, The mtn.- ISU. I'm tepid here with UNLV's win last weekend, and ISU's non-performance vs. the Hawkeyes. I still think Chizick has the Cyclones better than they were.

Mississippi State at Georgia Tech, 12:00 PM, Gameplan -GT Johnson lost a tough one last week to VaTech, but nothing near the heartbreak Croom went through losing 3-2. MSU just doesn't have an offense to hang with anybody.

East Carolina at NC State, 12:00 PM, ESPN - EC NC State's only win this year was an unimpressive 10 pt. win over W&M. EC was predicted to struggle last week and did, but still pulled out a W

Rice at Texas, 7:00 PM, FSN Atlantic - TX Rice has come a long way in the last few years, but just doesn't have the guns to go punch for punch with the Longhorns

Iowa at Pittsburgh, 12:00 PM, ESPN2 - PITT Iowa's only thing to hang it's hat on is beating Iowa State, Pitt hasn't impressed much either.

Alabama at Arkansas, 12:30 PM, Gameplan - AL The Tide is rolling and Petrino still doesn't have an offense.

South Carolina State at Clemson, 1:00 PM, ESPN360 - CL Clemson is still bouncing from the Bama loss but still on track to have a good showing in ACC.

UCF at Boston College, 1:00PM, ESPNU - BC The Eagle haven't been up to par this year but should still win this one going away. Kevin Smith's early departure hurt, but the Knights are still hecka competitive.

Eastern Michigan at Maryland, 1:00 PM, ESPN360 - MARY Maryland came off the loss to the Blue Raiders w/ a good win against a ranked Cal team

Akron at Army, 1:00 PM, ESPN Classic

Indiana State at Northern Illinois, 3:00 PM, Gameplan - NIU For shear FBS/FCS foreknowledge

Virginia Tech at North Carolina, 3:30 PM, ABC - VT UNC came out and played some solid ball versus Rutgers two weeks ago and VaTech has come back from the embarrassing East Carolina loss. I think Beamer ball will be back in action.

Northeastern at Syracuse, 3:30 PM, Gameplan - NE Because Syracuse sucks that badly. Sorry Greg.

U Miami at Texas A&M, 3:30 PM, ABC - TAMU It goes against all logic and reasoning as the Aggies have been everything short of atrocious this year. Coming off a bye week after playing poorly to two vastly inferior opponents, I think the offense gets rid of the hiccups and Lane starts getting the ball more.

Idaho at Utah State, 4:00 PM, Gameplan - Tossup They're both not that great sadly.

South Florida at Florida International, 5:00 PM, ESPNU - USF South Florida pulled off a good little win vs. the Jayhawks

Wake Forest at Florida State, 7:00PM, ESPN2 - WAKE The Seminoles haven't looked bad.... you know... AGAINST TWO 1-AAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Southeastern Louisiana at Louisiana Tech, 7:00 PM, Gameplan - LT La. Tech has a not that bad loss to a good Kansas squad and a win against a not that great Miss. State.

Wofford at South Carolina, 7:00 PM, Gameplan - USCe Despite the complete and utter lack of anything exciting in the Georgia game, Spurrier should still be able to win this

Portland State at Washington State, 7:00 PM, Fox Sports Northwest - WSU Wazzu has been pitiful this year under first-year head coach Wulff. Beating up on a patsy can make a season look a little better. Losing to one makes it that much worse.

Miami U at Cincinnati, 7:30 PM, ESPN360 - CIN Miami ain't that bad, but Cinci is still a decent team.

LSU at Auburn, 7:45 PM, ESPN - LSU Unless Tubbs finds an offense in a week.

Fresno State at Toledo, 8:15 PM, ESPNU - FRE Fresno lost a close one last week and there was no shame in it. Wisconsin isn't the best out there, but they're no chumps either. Fresno gets back on the wagon this week.

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