Friday, February 15, 2008

UConn Edsall talks adding additional team.

Apparently Coach Edsall hasn't read our previous commentary. It's the one telling Notre Dame to suck it, Randy.

In an ESPN article he's claiming that the league needs to add a team. To which, I agree. Eight teams? That's pretty weak all in all. A good portion of those teams were in Conference USA five years ago. (USF, Louiville, and Cinci)

It is unfortunate that the ACC had their raid a few years ago which ended up with Miami, VaTech and Boston College heading to the ailing conference. It hasn't helped too much as the ACC still is struggling to find it's niche. While it improved the ACC, it hurt the Big East deeply.

The Big East has had some moments of competitiveness. West Virginia was one decent offensive series away from the big show in the Big Easy last year. Louisville put together a nice season two years ago with a BCS win. WVU also had a 1 loss season with a BCS win the season before that. So it's not like there's NO good teams. There's just not enough. Or I guess you could say, just not enough parity.

Consider this, 6 of 8 teams were bowl eligible this last year. Wow. If anything the Big East needs to nab some more C-USA or MAC teams just to install their perverbial Bayfordukeandy ™ (I'm trademarking that one)

I'm personally a big fan of telling the Independents to shut up or join up. Being a member of a conference is just good in a lot of ways. Unless your a moneywhore of a school. But we're not naming any names. I think as the schools push more and more for some sort of elimination system to declare the champion of the college football season we'll see how the independents respond.

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