Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This could work.

From the article:
"The Georgia House voted 151-9 Friday in favor of a resolution urging the NCAA to create a playoff system for college football.

"The only major sporting event without a playoff system to identify its true champion that I know of is NCAA Division 1 football," said state Rep. Quincy Murphy, D-Augusta.

Georgia was ranked fourth in the BCS entering the last week of the season, behind Missouri, West Virginia and Ohio State. When Missouri and West Virginia lost, Georgia did not rise to second behind Ohio State but dropped to fifth in the BCS. Southeastern Conference champion LSU vaulted from seventh to second."

Ahh... democracy. If we can't get what we want on the field, we'll just pass a law to get it!!

It really could work. I mean what does it take, something like 67% vote to pass things in congress?

Basically we just have to have one school get screwed each year out of the MNC and they'll
get this done in 30 years.

Here's a question for you. Do you really think the NFL playoff discovered the best team this year? If you think for one second that the Giants were the best team in the NFL in the 2007-2008 season, you're off your rocker. They weren't the best team in their Division. Now I'm glad they won

I'm for a playoff, plus-one, pick a name out of a hat, or whatever. You name it, and it's probably better than what we have in place now.

It may be me, but going to congress because your panties are in a wad over not getting invited to the big dance is just petty.

Petty and low. I'm really surprised this hasn't gotten any coverage on the blogosphere.

Here's hoping it doesn't.

On a separate thought.... my money is on the 9 votes against this are true Georgia Tech Alums, not the t-shirt fans mentioned in the article. You can't bumpersticker your hate. It takes 4 years or more to develop it.

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