Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Players We're Friggin' Excited about

Jake Locker

This week's player is an interesting one. After coming out of the gate looking like a bad MoFo at the beginning of the year knocking off Syracuse and a ranked Boise State, Washington's season then went downhill in a hurry. Locker isn't necessarily to blame for this, but his erratic passing didn't help down the stretch.

As you can see in the video below... he's got moves for a white boy. But few passes mixed in there can be an issue.

Hopefully this can be fixed as Willingham needs a good season.


Anonymous said...

Locker's the man. Too bad Tyrone "non" Winningham is a crappy coach and will waste Locker's talents. I miss Washington.

Anonymous said...

Tyrone will take this team back to where it belongs this season. He had to fix the things that your favorite coach Rick Neuhwiesel destroyed in our program. Dont listen to this negadawg folks!

Anonymous said...

Ty Willie is mediocre at best. It's a friggin shame. I miss Washington, dammit!

Anonymous said...

Jake Locker? His passing percentage is worse then Ty's winning percentage, LOL. Only sure thing in the Pac-10 is that you are going win when you play against Washington. Go Ducks!