Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ESPN Has the First Part of the Fall Lineup Out

ESPN has released its tenative schedule for the fall here.

If you're like us, weekday football keeps us hungry for weekend football. So it's a must, of course.

Games of note bolded

Thu., Aug. 28 NC State at South Carolina 8 p.m. ESPN
Thu., Aug. 28 Oregon State at Stanford 9 p.m. ESPN2
Thu., Sept. 4 South Carolina at Vanderbilt TBD ESPN
Fri., Sept. 5 South Florida at UCF 7 p.m. ESPN
Thu., Sept. 11 North Carolina at Rutgers TBD ESPN
Wed., Sept. 17 Kansas State at Louisville 8 p.m. ESPN2
Thu., Sept. 18 West Virginia at Colorado 8:30 p.m. ESPN
Fri., Sept. 19 Baylor at Connecticut 8 p.m. ESPN2
Thu., Sept. 25 USC at Oregon State 9 p.m. ESPN
Thu., Oct. 2 Pittsburgh at South Florida TBD ESPN
Fri., Oct. 3 Cincinnati at Marshall 8 p.m. ESPN
Thu., Oct. 9 Clemson at Wake Forest TBD ESPN
Fri., Oct. 10 Louisville at Memphis 8 p.m. ESPN
Thu., Oct. 16 Florida State at NC State TBD ESPN
Thu., Oct. 23 Auburn at West Virginia TBD ESPN
Thu., Oct. 30 South Florida at Cincinnati TBD ESPN
Thu., Nov. 6 Maryland at Virginia Tech TBD ESPN
Thu., Nov. 13 Virginia Tech at Miami TBD ESPN
Fri., Nov. 4 Cincinnati at Louisville 8 p.m. ESPN2
Thu., Nov. 20 Miami at Georgia Tech TBD ESPN
Thu., Nov. 27 Texas A&M at Texas 8 p.m. ESPN
Fri., Nov. 28 West Virginia at Pittsburgh Noon ABC
Fri., Nov. 28 UCLA at Arizona State 9:30 p.m. ESPN2
Thu., Dec. 4 Louisville at Rutgers TBD ESPN
Sat., Dec. 6 Pittsburgh at Connecticut TBD ESPN or ESPN2
Sat., Dec. 6 South Florida at West Virginia TBD ESPN or ESPN2

USF-UCF: USF showed some flashes of greatness last season reaching #2 early in the season. UCF won the Conference USA behind the running of Kevin Smith, who bolted for the draft. USF won this in a wash last year, but UCF keeps getting better.

KSU-Louisville: KSU started out hot last year almost knocking off Auburn as well as taking out a top 10 Texas. The season soon went into the tank after that. Louisville also started off hot with some huge offensive performances. Kragthorpe soon learned that high octane offense with out some defense doesn't win much. This will be a big game for each team to get a foot on the ground before conference races get hot and heavy.

: Dan Hawkins and Colorado's non-conference slate has been pretty rough lately (FSU, Georgia, ASU.) They may be a glutton for punishment as they get Pat White, Noel Devine, and the 'Neers early in the season. I think this really might be Colorado's break out year.

Baylor-UConn: Only noted in that I can't remember the last time Baylor was on national TV.
Clemson-Wake Forrest: Grobe has got Wake Forrest not just decent,but borderline good. Clemson has got to start doing something in the ACC other than getting second in their division.

Auburn-WVU: Same story w/ WVU. Should be good but we'll have to see how the new coach turns out. Auburn will be Auburn. Of note, WVU better hope they don't come in this one ranked, because Tuberville's record vs. top 10 teams is phenomenal.

VaTech-Miami: VT looks to be good ol' VT this year with solid defense and a slightly lacking offense. Miami had an amazing recruiting class but Shannon needs wins now. The question is if Miami can start doing something on offense for the first time since their last BCS appearance.

Texas A&M at Texas
: There have been some hard fought games the last four years and I don't expect anything to change in this rivalry. Mike Sherman will make his Lone Star Showdown debut. The small town duel between McGee and McCoy is also an interesting note.

Louisville-Rutgers: This has been a pretty exciting conference game the last few years. Expect similar results this year, but with some new blood.

USF-WVU: WVU will come out hungry after being embarrassed here last year. Leavitt also won't let this team get down after a slightly disappointing finish to end last season

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