Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fulmer Cupdate


This year is starting nicely. Already involved is robbery, felony level drug possession, a 4th alcohol related arrest for one player, an Uzi, and a hit-and-run. All that, and it's not even flippin' March yet. Who's excited? You're excited. I'm excited.

Illinois and Tennessee are making early surges for the coveted #1 spot.

As a side note:

I'm not a great writer by any stretch. I still have to proofread these things like 10 times and I still have typos and goofy word arrangements.

I like to think I'm moderately funny or clever at some points at least. If you have a chance read this article by Mike Freeman over at CBS.

I think Freeman is really trying to be funny and make a point here, but he's too busy taking a jab at everything under the sun to really seem very altruistic or even make sense. If you're going to be funny, that's fine. Go ahead and be funny. If you're going to make a point, then make your point. Freeman's article is so busy trying to be humorous about the "problem" and then be serious at the end that it's just plain goofy. I haven't heard that many cliche' lines since... well I'll hold off on the cliche' lines for propriety's sake.

Expect RTT on that in full force.

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