Monday, February 25, 2008

Just for fun

The Birmingham News ran an interesting piece detailing the pay of the commissioners of NCAA Division 1 Conferences.

At first thought before I even clicked I ranked what these guys would be making in my mind.

1. SEC
2. ACC
3. Big Televen
4. Big XII
5. Pac 10
6. Big East

Why? Everything is bigger in the SEC. They have the last 2 national championships in football and basketball. A huge fanbase as well as tons of national exposure across the board.

I figured the solid football of the ACC and dominance of basketball would drive that position's pay up.

Here are the actual results from the 2006 year:

Jim Delany
Big Ten $959,236

John Swofford
Atlantic Coast $759,971

Kevin Weiberg (since resigned)
Big 12 Conference $699,700

Britton Banowsky
Conference USA $558,618

Mike Slive
Southeastern Conference $545,129

Tom Hansen
Pacific-10 Conference $513,891

Mike Tranghese
Big East Conference $468,446

Craig Thompson
Mountain West Conference $377,740

Karl Benson
Western Athletic Conference $370,568

Yeah, you read that correctly. The commissioner of the most profitable and successful conference makes less than one of the mid-major commissioners. You also read correctly that Jim Delany makes almost a mil. You should hate your life right now.

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