Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big and Pac 10's are still the most important conferences. Evar. Really.

While I don't really care about playoffs and plus-ones and minus-threes a whole-whole lot. I do have a problem with the 10's. Well Televens. Well one ten and one elev.... screw it. You get the idea.

According to another CBS Sports Article they continue to do everything they can to block anything that stops a Big 10/Pac 10 Rose Bowl. Even if it means creating an abortion of a game.

I love tradition in college football. Gosh I love it.

Sometimes, however, it has to change. Tribes sue. Bonfires fall (not to make light of the tragedy at all.) Conferences change teams. The 10's need to realize this.

The rest of the conferences are wanting something more legitimate to name a champion and Delany and Hansen continue to be a road block

Two (Pac-10's Tom Hansen and Big Ten's Jim Delany) are dead set against a plus-one, which to some seems to be the next logical evolution of the BCS..
My problem lies with this. Between the two conferences, three "outright" champions exist in the last 20 years. Three. USC, Michigan, and Ohio State each have an outright "we won it and nobody else" championship. Only two of those are in the BCS era and Ohio State's is still a questionable one. It's not like they have the corner on the market of dominating teams today.

I'm personally a fan of the four other commissioners (Big East, Big XII, ACC, SEC) and Myles Brand huddling together at the convention start whispering while Delany and Hansen sit there outside of the huddle trying to listen in.

The huddle breaks. Myles walks over and puts his hands on DeHansny's shoulders and says "We've decided to go another direction," and kick them both in the junk. Really. That would be awesome.

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