Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sherman is starting quickly.

We posted the video of all that is Jorvorskie Lane the other day but hopefully he's made some more news as Mike Sherman is thinking about doing what we all know should have been done (Thanks San Antonio Express News).

Lane has good hands as a receiver as well as GREAT speed for somebody his size. The problem with having him in as a running back is that his potential is diminished by sharing the back field with Michael Goodson (not to mention whitey QB Stephen McGee. ) You'd think that having the "Thunder & Lightning" option is great, but the two rarely saw the field together. The Aggies had a very solid FB in Chris Alexander which stopped the two from sharing the field as often as could be. Alexander is gone and this really puts Lane in a good position to move into the FB mode rather seamlessly.

This and he can stop worrying about watching his cheeseburger intake.

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