Thursday, February 14, 2008

NCAA considering changes

Apparently the NCAA is considering a host of rule changes.
(Thanks Wizard of Odds and EDSBS)

Those mentioned:

  1. dropping the 5-yard incidental face-mask penalty
  2. adjusting the "chop block" rule to make it easier to understand and enforce
  3. giving the receiving team the option to taking possession at the 40-yard line after an out-of-bounds kickoff
  4. eliminating warnings for sideline control
  5. administering a 40-second clock to start play after a preceding play ends
  6. starting the clock on a referee's signal after a play goes out of bounds
  7. instant replay would be allowed on fumbles leading to immediate recoveries.
  8. a coach who successfully challenges a play would get to keep a challenge.
  9. penalty for so-called "horse-collar tackles."
  10. defining helmet-to-helmet
There's a couple I'd like to talk about here in particular


This one I'm kinda perplexed on. I like the idea of dropping the clearly incidental face-mask. I can't count the amount of times a guy has made a good tackle and his hand just was a tiny bit high, grazed the face-mask and is called for five yards. It leaves me cussing a lot in close ones. Even worse, sometimes that gets called for a ridiculous 15 yarder. So it's good to get rid of incidental but I think that we could see an increase in the penalty of the 15 yard variety. Those in-between calls will probably go to the way of the penalty as opposed to being dropped altogether.

Chop Block

Only to comment that this was probably discussed specifically because of Glen Dorsey last year. I have a feeling that the Miles/Tuberville feud will escalate.

Horse Collar Tackles

I hate the idea of this one. Just like I hated in the Pros. Roy Williams found an effective way that tons of people before him had to stop people from an angle. Are they trying to hurt people? No. It's just a way to catch a guy from behind and it's stupid. They shouldn't have done it for the clothesline, Shaq, or Williams and it's dumb to bring it to the college game.

Sideline Warnings

I don't like the warning. Refs should just penalize the team or coach for getting to close. Obviously let the coach get out there and chew the ear off of an official and talk. Just don't need put up with that crap.

The time warnings are the same thing they try to do every year... shorten the games. Nobody wants games shortened except networks. They can suck it.

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