Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In the middle of all the recruiting news

Apparently Arkansas' Bobby Petrino has appealed that whole pesky transfer-has-to-sit-out-a-year rule for his new QB Ryan Mallet.

Never mind that the rule is there to penalize kids for deciding to not honor a commitment they signed to play football in exchange for a free education at a good school. Forget that whole "commitment thing."

Meh. Overrated.

The poor kid was being exploited and stuff. His new coach was mean.

I actually have the transcript of Petrino's conversation with Myles Brand about this.

: Hey Myles, this is Bobby Petrino

: Hey, Bobby welcome back! Thanks for not forgetting about us little guys and coming back.

: Anytime man. Say, Myles I have a favor to ask.

: Sure dude. What's up?

: Weeeeeeeeellll..... I got this Ryan Mallet kid who transfered down here from that Meat Chicken school. (That team that embarrassed you by losing to the NAIA team)

: What about him?

: I need him to play this year, Myles.

: Rules are Rules, Bobby. That penalty is there for a reason.

: Well, we need to appeal Myles.

: On what grounds?

: Hardship, Myles. Hardship.

: What hardship?

: Well his coach at Michigan was mean to him. He had to transfer. Tell him Ryan.

: Mr. Brand, This is Ryan Mallet. That coach Rodriguez was mean.

: Mean?

: Yes, sir. He started talking about some spread offense thing. He wanted me to actually run WITH the ball sir.

: That's not going to cut it Bobby. Say y'all had a good little QB two years ago... Mustang or something. What happened to him?

: He got mad and transfered. Something about Wildcat formations. I dunno, Myles. We didn't even play Kentucky that year!

: Bobby that's just not good enough. Do you have any real hardships?

: I didn't want to go there Myles, but have you heard of Casey Dick?

: ... ... ... ... oh.

: I tell you what, Bobby. That's a fair hardship. We'll see.
Say, You let me ride one of them fancy Escalades D-Mac was in last year and we
got a deal. heh heh.

: Coach P, He can use mine. Jerr... err... Mr. Jones said I'll have that new Beamer by the end of the week

: ....
.... Bobby we need to ta...

: Look, Myles we gotta go. Signing day and all. My people will send over the paperwork. 'Preciate it.

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