Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SEC Schedule Sexiness

Week 1
Alabama vs. Clemson(Atlanta) - Should be very telling for both teams. Both had solid recruiting classes and are looking to start off the season right
Hawaii at Florida - While Colt Brennan isn't slinging the balls any more, the Hawaii offense should still be competitive.
Kentucky at Louisville - Does Kragthorpe have the Cards back on top this year? Brooks has come a long way at Kentucky to make this team competitive. Should be a better game than most years.

Week 2

Miami at Florida - Florida starts off the season with two competitive games that are going to be very telling of the Gator offense and defense. The Canes will see how the spread will fare this year against some deep south speed

UCLA vs Tenn. - Tennessee and Fulmer are looking to go the easier Cali route with UCLA this time around. Slick Rick should still be getting things in place and this would be a great chance for Tenn to grab a big win at the beginning of the year

Southern Miss at Auburn - This will be a good week to see the new fancy, smancy high flying Auburn offense at work. SMU will be without Jeff Bower for the first time in 2 decades.

Week 3

Arkansas at Texas - Renewing the rivalry baby.
Auburn at Mississippi State - Mississippi State won in an upset last year. Look for some vindication from Auburn here.
Georgia at SoCar - Another upset from last year revisited.

Week 4

LSU at Auburn - This game could be for the West.
Alabama at Arkansas - An early conference test for Alabama against what should be a good offense.
Florida at Tennessee - Always a good rivalry game early in the year
Georgia at Arizona State - Georgia's only real OOC test. The Sun Devil's offense should be a good test for the Bulldogs.

Week 5
Tennessee at Auburn - Are both teams middle of the pack or above this year?
Mississippi State at LSU - Mississippi State was embarrassed to the tune of 6 INTs and 45-0 last year. Same results, or has MSU improved as much as they

Week 6
Florida at Arkansas - Curious to see the Petrino led offense against Urban Meyer's defense this year. Rematch of the 2006 SEC championship game

Week 7

LSU at Florida - This game has been pretty competitive over the years. Expect similar results. The Tigers may have some holes to fill but if they plan to stay on top this is a game to do it
Tennessee at Georgia - Another game that can be a deciding factor in the East this season. The obvious picks are Florida and Georgia, but don't count Fulmer out just yet.

Week 8
Mississippi State at Tennessee - Croom has put this team in a place to win some big games. Taking out Tennessee in a big mid-season game here would be crucial.

Week 9
Georgia at LSU - Another possible preview to the conference championship
Duke at Vanderbilt - Bayfordukandywestern. The saga continues

Auburn at West Virginia - Great midseason OOC game for both schools. It'll hurt the losers overall national ranking, but the winner will come away with a huge midseason boost

Week 10

Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville) - Will evil Mark Richt come out again and do mean things and get penalties. Several punditlike folks consider this one the early MNC game. Can't say that I disagree too much.
Tulane at LSU - Tulane at one point was the dominant one in this rivalry. It's good to see them keep it going.

Week 11
Alabama at LSU -
I like this one for the West Division. I think Alabama improves and LSU doesn't get much worse than last year.
Florida at Vanderbilt - For some reason Vandy tends to give Florida more trouble than they should.
Georgia at Kentucky - If Ke

Week 12
Georgia at Auburn - Late season game for two strong programs. Should be a good matchup
South Carolina at Florida - Always love this game. No matter how long it's been it seems like Spurrier ignites a lot of passion in Gainesville when the Gators play him.

Week 13
Arkansas at Mississippi State -
This one intrigues me and I don't know why. For some reason I think that one of these two will have a decent year.
Tennessee at Vanderbilt - Always a good in-state rivalry. Vandy has improved over the course of the last few years. If they want to separate themselves from the Bayfordandydukewestern's of the world, this year is as good as any.

Week 14
LSU at Arkansas (Little Rock)
- The situation here reminds me of the Texas A&M/OU game a few years back. OU was #1 and prepared to slide into the MNC Game when a very mediocre Texas A&M knocked them off. Coach left, New stud coach comes in and pissed off former #1 team drums mediocre team into a pulp to the tune of 77-0. Gosh that was an ugly day for Aggieland.
Mississippi State at Ole Miss - Houston Nutt will bring some new blood to the egg bowl and hopefully bring a more competitive Ole Miss with him.
Auburn at Alabama
- Probably my favorite rivalry in the SEC. Most in state rivalries are pretty heated but at the end of the day we're all Americans and all love college football. Not this one. These people hate each other with the passion of a thousand yaks.
Florida at Florida State - Another in-state rivalry crossing conference lines*. This really depends on whether FSU is actually any good this year.
Georgia Tech at Georgia - * but substitute FSU for GaTech
Kentucky at Tennessee - Good East division game that went for over a 100 last year.
South Carolina at Clemson * see above. but this time SoCar

Week 15
SEC Championship Game (Atlanta)

LSU vs.Georgia - Boom goodnight everybody.