Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pac 10 Schedule Sexiness

Finally, the last dang one. We'll compile the lists into your top games for each week sometime later, but w/out further adieu, the Pac-10:

Week 1
Michigan State at California - California drops the opening week toughie with Tennessee and picks up a decent foe from the Big Ten. Should be a good matchup, unless California returns to early season form from last year.
Washington at Oregon - Starting off the conference early, Washington has to start winning and winning now. In three years they've slipped to the bottom of the rung in the conference. Like... below Stamford.
USC at Virginia -
USC has not shied away from a strong OOC schedule and this year is no different. While Virginia isn't a juggernaut they aren't a team to be taken lightly.

Oklahoma State vs. Washington State (Seattle) - Oklahoma State isn't a great team by any stretch, but their offense is just explosive enough to give the Cougs some fits. It probably won't be pretty for Wassu.
Tennessee at UCLA - Tennessee moves south in their opener this year. A good game to finish off Memorial Day weekend.

Week 2
Oregon Sate at Penn State - The Beavers head to Beaver Stadium to have a good test against the Nittany Lions. OSU hasn't been overly impressive the last few years and this is a good chance to start getting there quickly.
BYU at Washington - The Mormons continue their quest for perfection. No not that one. The perfect season one. BYU has racked up 22 wins in two years and this year they are looking for that BCS bid.

Week 3 - (Great week in the Pac-10, you can't go wrong watching any game!)
California at Maryland -
Maryland will be a nice test for the Golden Bears. A team with a bit of history, but not a monster.

Oregon at Purdue - Purdue's offense has been high flying as of late. It will be a good test for the Oregon D before conference play gets too hot and heavy.
Hawaii at Oregon State -
Hawaii begins the June Jonesless era. Can the offense keep up with a mid-level team like Oregon State now?

Stanford at TCU - You have to think that Stanford took some steps forward last year, but is it enough to start beating some decent teams like TCU
BYU at UCLA - UCLA comes back for more of BYU after splitting their regular and a bowl games last year. More of a statement game for BYU than the Washington.
Ohio State at USC -
Probably the season's best OOC game. Neither will be knocked out of the MNC picture because of this one, but it will cause some separation.

Oklahoma at Washington - The Huskies probably won't take out the Sooners, but Locker just might be able to cause some problems to the defense
Washington State at Baylor -
Two struggling teams with new coaches can use a boost by winning here.

Week 4
Georgia at Arizona State - Dennis Erickson pulled on through an easy schedule last year. They didn't win against Oregon, USC, or Texas all top 50 teams. The question is whether or or not it was flash in a pan, or real talent.
Boise State at Oregon - Boise State had a good season last year, but took a tumble from where they want to be. Oregon should win this one based on talent alone, but don't expect an easy game.

Week 5
USC at Oregon State - Oregon State has won 19 games in two years and that's pretty dang impressive. They pulled off the upset here two years ago. They need to start moving up the pack if they want to start challenging for the conference title.
Stanford at Washington - Two teams that have been down recently need to start improving. Willingham can't afford a bowless season again.
Fresno State at UCLA - Fresno continues to show no fear in its scheduling practices. Wisconsin, Rutgers, and UCLA is a pretty rough schedule for a mid-major and Pat Hill will have that schedule every year. Kudos to them.
Week 6
Oregon State at Utah - The Utes haven't maintained the glory of their BCS season but they haven't faded into oblivion either. Expect Oregon State to have to fight for this one.
California at Arizona State - ASU showed some spunk last year when Cal started to falter. Second place in the conference is up for grabs and these two teams with Oregon can all challenge for the title.
at USC - A rematch of last year's game should be good. Likely a conference championship game.

Week 7
Arizona State at USC - Arizona State got exposed when they played Oregon and USC last season. Are they better?
UCLA at Oregon -
UCLA took advantage of an ailing Duck quad last season. Dixon is gone.

Washington State at Oregon State - Washington State fired Bill Doba to start winning these games.

Week 8

Oregon State at Washington -
Washington needs to start beating the middle of the pack teams if they want to get there themselves.
Stanford at UCLA - The two Cali teams are each looking to get over their current humps. Stanford doesn't have to win all of the games like this but they need to get some wind under them by staying in them.

Week 9

Oregon at Arizona State -
The winner of this one last year should have been playing for the championship had Oregon not lost Dixon. Will both teams be as good this year?

UCLA at California - Both teams want to usurp USC as the top of the conference. The coaching is there. The talent is lacking. Both teams will probably be in the picture this late in the season.
Notre Dame at Washington -
I personally pray to all that is Holy that Washington will wipe the floor with the Irish. Just for racisms sake. ( I got your back, Mark May. I got you.)

Week 10
Oregon at California -
This game was huge last year. Cali won due to a last second Oregon gaffe on the goal line... and then proceeded to tank like the Poseidon.
Washington at USC - The Huskies have kept this close for the last two years, closer than USC should have let it. Can this be the year they finally knock them off?

Week 11

Arizona State at Washington - ASU got their fancy smancy new coach and got a Holiday Bowl in one year. Washington still hasn't been to a bowl since before Willingham got there.
California at USC - Cal hasn't been able to get past USC since they beat them in 2003. They've played it close, but just haven't gotten that W.

Week 12

Arizona at Oregon - When Dixon went down last year you knew things were going to get bad for the Ducks. Losing to Arizona was the low point of the season for them.
USC at Stanford -
I'm not saying... but I'm just saying. Again... think A&M/OU 2002.

Week 13

Stanford at California - Stanford finally won this one last year after Cal took a serious downturn midseason. Don't expect for Tedford's teams to let it happen again.
Washington at Washington State - The battle for the Apple Cup.

Week 14

UCLA at Arizona State -
Two teams who should be challenging USC this year finish up before they take on their in-state rivals

Oregon at Oregon State -

Notre Dame at USC -
Notre Dame has made one game of this since Crew Cut showed up in South Bend. Other than that it hasn't been much of a contest.

Washington State at Hawaii -
Wassu takes on what should still be a good Hawaii team.

Week 15

Arizona State at Arizona - Having a decent season is a must for Stoops. Beating ASU will help ease some of the bad years.
USC at UCLA - USC took care of business last year after the 2006 debacle. Slick Rick will bring some new fire to this rivalry.

Your Pac 10 Champ...


I know it's easy to pick them... but let's be honest. Pete Carroll continues to pull in top classes. Kids will travel across the country to play for USC and be on the third string where they would be starting anywhere else. USC can lose two games and still be the conference champ every year.

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