Tuesday, April 1, 2008

JoePa* Doesn't Want You. And That Says Something.

JoePa has not only outlasted another leader, but has slapped one upside the face.

That's a lie.

But apparently JoePa's conservativeness stopped him from greeting former President Clinton when he visited PSU.

I personally love the statement, "I didn't want to get into that because of my situation, because I couldn't vote for either one of them because I'm a Republican."

That's JoePaspeak for "Suck it bleeding-heart liberal commie" Maybe not. But we like to assume.

*I just realized how much of my content involves JoePa. It's really not on purpose. They guy just seems to make a lot of news. I'm not complaining because it's OK. I should blog about him. He's one of the greatest, most newsworthy coaches out there. I just feel a little gay about it. But a good gay. JoePa Gay.

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