Monday, April 7, 2008

Big XII Schedule Sexiness

Week 1
Wake Forest at
Baylor - Battle of the baptists. Wake Forrest has finally found it's way out of the cellar. Can Baylor?
Colorado vs. Colorado State - The first game in years without Sonny Lubick. Colorado should finally pull away from CSU this year and stay there.
Illinois vs. Mizzou - Who the heck knew this was as big a game as it was last year? Or would be this year?
Oklahoma State vs. Washington State (Seattle) - WSU should be improved under Wulff. The Cowboys are going to have to get better unless they want to challenge Baylor for the bottom of the barrel.

Week 2
Cinci at Oklahoma - Cinci has finally risen out of the mediocrity of the Big East and become a competitive team. Oklahoma is thinking MNC early this year and this will be a great test to see if they're able.
Houston at Oklahoma State - Kevin Sumlin
hopes to continue to frustrate the Cowboys

Week 3
Kansas at South Florida - Two teams that had better years than could have been expected by anybody last year meet up.
Iowa State at Iowa - ISU stole this one last year. If Kirk Ferentz wants to keep his job, he needs to no
t lose this one and start at least competing for the middle of the Big Ten. Chizick has to get ISU out of the cellar
Oklahoma at Washington - Washington has to improve or this will be it for Willingham. Expect Jake Locker to give the Sooners some fits. But not too many.

Arkansas at Texas - The old SWC rivalry renews. This will be Bobby Petrino's first big game at the helm.
SMU at
Texas Tech - Time to see if the SMU offense brings the same firepower we saw at Hawaii. The talent level isn't equal, but if you want to see a game with matching offenses slinging the ball for probably over a 1000 yards in a game, you got it.

Week 4
Kansas State at Louisville - Two teams that had very disappointing finishes last year that are looking for big rebounds before going into conference.
Baylor at Connecticut - Baylor faces another team that has recently shown improvement while they've still floundered.
West Virginia at Colorado - Colorado continues to take on some impressive OOC games. WVU should be an early indicator of the rest of their season.
Miami at Texas A&M - In a game that should have been a big one for the winner, Miami rocked the Aggies last year. Neither went on to do just a whole ton afterwards. Hopefully for both teams that won't be true again..

Week 5
Colorado vs. Florida State (Jacksonville) - Dan Hawkins keeps the big boys coming back for more. The Buffs are ready for the big time this year with WVU and FSU early.
TCU at Oklahoma - Nobody expected TCU to pull this one off three years ago but they did it. OU is going to have one of the best teams in some time this year you can expect payback.
Virginia Tech at Nebraska - Nebraska pulls away from the USC game to another heavyweight in Va. Tech. Expect a defensive game here as neither has a lot of firepower on offense.
Troy at Oklahoma State - An expected easy game for oSU turned into a blowout... that oSU was on the wrong end of. The cowboys should be a little more prepared this year.

Week 6
Texas at Colorado - Texas has some questions... especially at RB. Colorado has one that Texas is just a bit jealous of. Colorado was embarrassed 2x in 2005 and they haven't forgotten it.
Mizzou at Nebraska - Chance for Nebraska to stake a claim at the top of the division again
Texas Tech at Kansas State - If nothing else just to post this and hope it happens again.:

Week 7
Iowa State at Baylor - I have no idea what to expect from this game. Baylor can only go up and Iowa State started to show a little life in 2007 (even if it didn't translate to W's) Should be a bottom dweller game but we'll see
Oklahoma State at Missouri - Two high powered offenses with mobile QB's
Nebraska at Texas Tech - This game ended in a crazy fashion as Tech fumbled inside the Nebraska 20, only to recover a fumble on the same play and scored to win. Both teams are probably hungry to revisit this one
Oklahoma at Texas - This is normally the battle for the south. It's been a good game for 2 years now, but is Texas good enough to keep it that way?

Week 8
Kansas at Oklahoma - A game we would have like to have seen last year. Kansas really was that good. Mizzou just go
t the nod after a close game.
Missouri at Texas - Another one we'd like to have seen last year.
Texas Tech at Texas A&M - Another heated rivalry that's been a little one-sided lately. No matter what the Aggies do, the Raiders just seem to have their number

Week 9
Texas A&M at Iowa State - Iowa State beat A&M for the first time ever in College Station last time they met. Todd Blythe and Brett Meyer exposed the A&M secondary as one of the worst in the nation. The Ags have improved, but so has ISU.
Texas Tech at Kansas - Kansas thrived on good defense last year. Tech is starting to show some life on that side of the ball. Both should be playing to get a spot towards the top of their divisions.
Oklahoma State at Texas - oSU continues to get thisclose to frustrating and beating Texas to no avail.

Week 10
Kansas State at Kansas - This game was the beginning of the end for KState last year and showed us that Kansas was for real
Nebraska at Oklahoma - The Big Eight rivalry only comes around every two years. Pelini has a chance to shine and shine quickly by getting the Huskers biggest rival in his first season.
Texas at Texas Tech - This game seems to take a backseat to Tech-A&M and Texas-A&M, but these two have played some close games recently. This is in the middle of a tough stretch with Kansas, Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma

Week 11
Oklahoma at Texas A&M - This game has been a humdinger ever since A&M upset #1 OU in 2002. The
next year was a blowout, followed by three very close games and another blowout last year. If A&M wants to get in the South fight, taking out Oklahoma is key
Oklahoma State at Texas Tech - Another non-rivalry that is turning into one quickly. The two high-octane offenses keep putting on a show. They've split this series as of late, with the home team winning the last 6 years.

Week 12
Texas A&M at
Baylor - Battle of the Brazos. Baylor fans seem particularly hostile towards the Aggies over the other in-state rivals. Baylor won this one 4 years ago, and are expecting another upset with new man Briles
Oklahoma State - at Colorado
Texas at Kansas - Mark Mangino remembers the last two games against Texas for different reasons. One a cheat-job (according to him) and a blowout. Now that the Jayhawks are more competitive, expect some animosity.

Week 13
Texas Tech at Oklahoma
- This game has been pretty epic over the years. Mike Leach continues to be a thorn in the side of his former boss, Bob Stoops. The raiders cost the Sooners a shot at the MNC last year and you can expect the Sooners to remember that.

Week 14
Colorado at Nebraska -
One of the top North Rivalries, just not recently. It hasn't been a relevant game for a few years now. With the "arrival" (Gosh I hate cliche terms like that but I couldn't find something better) of Kansas and Mizzou, can these two challenge again?
Texas A&M at Texas - The aggies have grabbed this one the last two years by running all over the horns in 2006 and passing in 2007. It's one of the better in-state rivalries
Kansas vs. Mizzou - The Border War. This game meant something nationally for the first time in history last year. It probably won't mean as much, but should hold some weight in deciding the North.
Oklahoma at Oklahoma State - Bedlam. oSU hasn't been able to take this one in a while. It's been competitive, but if Gundy wants to keep his job, a win here can go a long long long way with T. Boone Pickens the fanbase.

Big 12 Championship Game

Oklahoma vs. Mizzou.... again.

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