Thursday, April 3, 2008

Big East Schedule Sexiness

The picks for top games each week in the Big East:

Thanks CFN

Week 1

Kentucky at Louisville - Instate rivalry to start off the season. Kentucky pulled off the upset last year

Fresno State at Rutgers - A last minute add for Rutgers a la KState. Fresno is a tough team. Just ask USC, A&M, Kansas State, or Georgia Tech. None of them want anything to do with Pat Hill again for a long time.

Week 2

South Florida at UCF - UCF was good, and got better as the season went on. USF took care of business last year but expect the Knights to put up a fight

Cincinnati at Oklahoma - Good for the Bearcats taking on a strong OOC game. Let's hope it doesn't turn out as bad as most times that teams take on OU

West Virginia at East Carolina - East Carolina showed to have some life last year. Expect lots of offensive fireworks.

Week 3

North Carolina at Rutgers - Covered in the ACC one, but should be a good match up. UNC has to improve.

Virginia at Connecticut - This was a good game last year from teams that had better seasons than expected. Both should still be competitive.

Kansas at USF - Kansas stops the cupcakes and takes on some serious competition. Both teams had breakout years last year and this will be a good indicator of whether or not it was a fluke.

Penn State at Syracuse - Syracuse needs to get decent and get decent now. They probably won't beat JoePa, but a competitive game here can do wonders for the year.

Week 4

Kansas State at Louisville - Kansas State can be a fluky team. If Louisville's defense is still fluky here, we'll know it.

West Virginia at Colorado - Could b very telling game for both teams. Colorado has had some trouble in Dan Hawkins first two years, but success as well.

Iowa at Pitt - These are two teams that should be better than they are year in and year out. Each have coaches that have underachieved greatly

Baylor at Connecticut - UConn has lifted themselves out of the cellar. Can Baylor?

Week 5

UConn at Louisville - Good game last year, should be better teams this year.

Marshall at West Virginia - Marshall hasn't been relevant in this game in a while. Would be nice for a real rivalry to form here

Rutgers vs. TBA - Should be epic.

Week 6

Rutgers at West Virginia - Rutgers will have to start making a name for themselves without Rice. Here's the game to do it.

Week 7

Syracuse at West Virginia - Only because I think it will be a beating of magnitudenal proportions. Maybe not. Maybe I'm full of it and Syracuse decides to be good. I hope so.

Rutgers at Cincinnati- Good game last year that Cinci won. 2 TD's in 19 seconds as well.

Week 8

Middle Tennessee at Louisville - This is the game last year where we figured out that Louisville had problems

Week 9

Auburn at West Virginia - Nice Thursday night game. Probably the best one ESPN is offering this year. Can be a very uplifting or damaging game to the winner or loser in the rankings, while not affecting conference standing.

South Florida at Louisville - If we assume that Louisville is back we should expect a heck of a game here

Week 10

USF at Cinci - Both teams have improved dramatically the last few years and become real contenders.

Louisville at Syracuse - For some strange and ungodly reason I picked this upset last year. Don't know why.

Pitt at Notre Dame - Just here to tell ND to suck it. The game could be good. Both teams have to be better than the last year versions of themselves.

Week 11

Cinci at WVU - Here is a big game for Cinci. They've been teetering with being above average for some time now. Knocking out powerhouse WVU would be a big step into the big time.

Louisville at Pitt - Both Wannstedt and Kragthorpe can't afford mediocre seasons again.

Syracuse at Rutgers - Always funny that NYers claim Rutgers as their own over Syracuse. Winning will do that.

Week 12

Cincinnati at Louisville - The old C-USA teams meet with Cini probably being the favored team this year after the Ville's collapse last season

Rutgers at USF - Both teams bring good some defenses with a little bit of offensive firepower to the match. Should be good.

Week 13

Pitt at Cincinnati - We keep expecting bigger things from both of these programs. At this point in the season we'll see if it was merited.

Connecticut at South Florida - Another game against teams that have become conference powers just recently.

WVU at Louisville - This game has been very heated for about three years now. The winner of this game has won the conference in those three years as well.

Week 14

WVU at Pitt - Backyard Brawl that could matter. For some reason WVU couldn't get it going here last year and it cost them their shot at the MNC

Week 15

Cincinnati at Hawaii - Neither team has made a huge name for themselves on defense lately, should be a pretty exciting game if Hawaii rebounds from losing their QB, coach and cajones in the Sugar Bowl.

USF at WVU - This has been a bad deal for WVU the last few years. USF continues to improve and if WVU wants to continue to the be dominant team in the Eig

Conference Champion:

WVU. I don't think the offensive philosophy will change that much with RichRod's departure. Maybe somebody will surprise us and step it up... but who? Rutgers, Louisville, UConn, Pitt, USF, and Cinci all seem like they can. Should be the most interesting conference race this year.

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