Thursday, May 1, 2008


We couldn't get a good clip of it... but this is a recent interview w/ Bob Costas, Braylon Edwards, Buzz Bissinger, and Will Liech (of Deadspin). I'll go as far as to say that each of these men are some of the greatest in each of their respective fields. The discussion gets real heated real quick. Bissinger goes off on a tangent on Will and blogs in general.

I agree to an extent. There is a lot of anonymity in blogging. We can say a lot of things behind the cloak of TCP/IP. But we get to do it for fun. We're not trying to make money here. Outside of Perez Hilton, Orson, Liech, and a few others, we'll never make money at this. We do it because we love it. We're trying not to practice real journalism. We want to make jokes about Jim Delaney cussing out Jim Swofford. We want to do a montage of Tommy T. taking out guys knees.

We know we're not the professionals. We know that we're the bunch of 30 year olds playing flag football with bad looking spin moves and cuts. We act way more ridiculous when we score than an NFL player. We know that. You guys are the NFL players.

We get it.

Going on a tirade against the lead blogger doesn't prove your point. It just makes you sound like a profane, angry professional. But still a "professional."

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