Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fuzzy Math

So this week the NCAA allowed for two new bowls.

The St. Petersburg Bowl and the Congressional Bowl have been added to bring it to a whopping 34 bowls

68 teams out of 120 (Go Western Kentucky Hilltoppers)

Yes... that is over50% of your teams that will be playing in a bowl this year.

Now say that you take away 1-AA victories as wins that count towards bowl eligibility.

It would be mathematically impossible with the 6 win minimum for a bowl for all the teams necessary to fill all the bowl slots as you have to have as many losses shelved out as wins.

Awesome. It's like getting the snow cone after the baseball game even though your team was run-ruled in the second inning.

Not that that happened to me ever. I ruled and took the losers' snow cones and wimmuns.

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