Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Him? Really?

Ron Zook wins Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year

Now I don't have anything against Ron Zook. He took an Illinois team and got 9 wins and a BCS bid which is pretty cool considering he did that despite having Juice Williams as his QB. He also gave all of his winnings to his school and charities... which is wholesome and moral and whatnot.

The fact that they gave it to him over oh say....

Mark Mangino: Crap.
Mizzou's Pinkel who beat the Zook and Mangino: even more crap.
LSU's Miles: Crippity Crap (not too bad of crap... but still crap)

That's not even getting four states away.

Zook didn't even get 2nd in his own conference (losing the tie-breaker to Michigan)

Heck, I'd give it to Stanford's Harbaugh just for scoring on USC once with Stamford's roster.

Other coaches that would deserve a shot:

Hawaii's June Jones, ASU's Erickson, MSU's Sylvester Croom, USF's Jim Leavitt, Georgia's Mark Richt

Kudos to him for giving it all to charity... but wow. Just wow.

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