Saturday, January 26, 2008

Le inaugural post, wainches.

This is the first post of, hopefully, many to come. Three N Out exists to cover college sports (mainly football) from a true fan of the game's perspective. We'll try not to cater to particular teams or conferences, but the entire gamut of college teams out there.

We'll also try to avoid gimmicky, tasteless crap.

Well.... as much as possible. Some stuff is just funny no matter how you slice it. We'll also link to some other great sites like EDSBS, Wizard of Odds and's Campus Clicks. The Fulmer Cup, my favorite off season activity, is in full swing over at EDSBS.

Signing Day is coming up and some big recruits haven't made commitments yet so that will be interesting to follow.

I hope you enjoy Three 'N Out and it's posts. Hopefully they'll be funny as well as insightful for fans of all college athletics

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